Some friends recently recruited me to help make beer from absolute scratch. It’s no easy task, requires a major investment of time and equipment and certainly qualifies as a serious hobby. But if you love beer enough to put in the effort, or love the people enough who asked you to make it with them, then it’s a whole lotta fun to do as a group – maybe even start a club?

I guess that’s kind of what we did by accident, hanging out on Saturdays cooking hops, bringing out the rich golds and reds of an IPA and brown ale. I hardly like beer, barely drink it even, but wow! it smells fantastic when it’s cooking on the stove top. Beer soup anyone?

First step to get started spending your weekends brewing the next best beer is to look out for local courses in beer making. Local enthusiasts can teach you the basics and either sell you directly or lead you to the right spots to buy equipment. Keep motivated by teaming up with fellow graduates from the course and start brewing on your own.

Alternatively, join people that already know what they are doing and learn from them.

As a last resort, Google will do the trick as well with tons of resources out there to get you started. Find a few buddies and work it out together.

Having tasted the final product of many of these gatherings, it’s worth the trouble. The beers have a very natural flavoring that commercial beers could never achieve. They come out surprisingly very good, no matter how amateur the brewers may be. The love and labor that went into that bottle of your homemade beer probably doesn’t hurt either.

So bottle those beers and start your own local brew. Have a bottling party, supply your own beer to small parties or to a friend’s wedding. What better way to pass a weekend internet-free!

Best part is naming the beer.

Good luck!

Logging out now.