This is a virtual space I wanted to create to float ideas about how the Internet and technology consume us, perhaps even enrich us at times, but should not deprive us of the very basic, very real pleasures in life that are not digital and neither can an iPhone provide them.

My intention is to send a voice out into the void that says: “Hey, the Internet is super, I use it, I need it, but I still love to see the newspaper on my doorstep in the morning.”

Yes, the Internet is fast, easy and extraordinary, but maybe it is troubling too… to think how quickly it is swallowing up face to face interaction, human touch and simply occupying too much of our time (and brains) – children and adults alike.

The plan is to post ideas, related articles, and in general encourage people to simply log off.

But isn’t a blog an ironic way to do so you say? Perhaps, but this isn’t about shunning technology, it’s about finding a balance in our lives between what is human and what is computer.

Along the way, I do plan to practice what I preach because I believe the time CAN be found to turn off the phone, breathe some fresh air, maybe take a cyberspace-free vacation or even commit to a “LogMeOff Day” where one day a week: no Internet.

I’m searching for you like-minded souls out there… the people who use, love and hate technology all at the same time… for people that say “Nintendo Wii is fun, but wouldn’t I rather pick up a tennis racket and actually go out and play tennis?”

If you’re out there, join me in taking the time to log off.